Heya fellas,

you see, every game has its own rule. To help people with this blog is one of my hobbies so I think it's pretty fair to say that this is my playing ground. And I'm going to set the rules so everyone is on the same page. They're very simple actually and are meant to provide you with the utmost comfort and convenience.

  1. no meaningful profanity/tidak diperbolehkan kata-kata yang bersifat kasar yang ditujukan kepada seseorang. General profanity, as long as, not excessive is acceptable.
  2. no advertising in any form!/tidak diperbolehkan untuk menaruh iklan dalam bentuk apapun!
  3. no spamming/junks
  4. no hateful remarks/tidak diperbolehkan komentar-komentar dengan nada kebencian.
  5. I reserve all the rights to delete any comments that do not conform to the rules above/Gue memegang kuasa penuh untuk menghapus semua komentar yang tidak mematuhi peraturan di atas.
I'll add more as necessary.

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